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CAD Details

CAD details instantly available for your project designs…

Blackdown Greenroofs’ range of CAD details are available in .dwg format in order to provide you with an industry standard detail that can be dropped directly into your existing designs.

Our technical team can also provide you with a bespoke drawing in relation to your project designs.

If you require any other CAD details please call our technical department on 03335 771 500, alternatively email attaching any relevant documents.

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Download your CAD Details

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System Build-Ups

Extensive System

Biodiverse System

Semi-Intensive System

Semi-Intensive Wildflower System 100mm

Semi-Intensive Wildflower System 150mm or 170mm

Intensive System

Sloped System Build-Ups

Eaves Drainage Detail

Extensive Naturemat with Substrate Retention System

Mono Ridge Drainage Detail

Thrust Batten Cross Section

Drainage Options

Drainage Outlet Detail

Eaves Gutter Detail

Gutter Detail - Option 1

Gutter Detail - Option 2

Internal Rainwater Outlet

Typical Details

Fire Break Detail

Gable Wall Abutment Detail

Overhanging Gable Detail

Parapet Wall Abutment Detail

Pipe Penetration Detail - Option 1

Pipe Penetration Detail - Option 2

Rooflight Abutment Detail