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Product Datasheets

Product datasheets instantly available for your project manuals…

Blackdown Horticultural Consultants range of product datasheets are available in .pdf format for you to fully review component information and include within any handover O&M manuals.

Our technical team can also provide you with any further product information if required.

If you require any other product information please call our technical department on 03335 771 500, alternatively email attaching any relevant documents.

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Download your Product Datasheets

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Extensive Substrate

Biodiverse Substrate

Semi-Intensive Substrate

Intensive Substrate

Drainage Layers

20mm Drainage Layer & Filter Sheet

20mm Drainage Layer, Filter Sheet & Protection Fleece

25mm Drainage Layer & Filter Sheet

25mm Drainage Layer, Filter Sheet & Protection Fleece

40mm Drainage Layer & Filter Sheet

40mm Drainage Layer, Filter Sheet & Protection Fleece

60mm Drainage Layer & Filter Fleece

6mm Drainage Layer

12mm Drainage Layer

Filter Fleece

Upstand Protection Fleece

Drainage Layer Infills

Crushed Brick Infill

Crushed Limestone Infill


Caledonian Pebbles 20-40mm

Scottish Beach Pebbles

Horti-Cote Plus CRF

Retention Details

Inspection Chamber