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Technical Support

blackdoen green roof kew bridge london

Technical Advice

Blackdown offers comprehensive design support for our customers and ensures that the most appropriate Blackdown green roof system is specified, installed and maintained for long‐term benefit.

With a wide range of plant‐related skills and experience, Blackdown advises on an array of roof planting issues, devising project‐specific specifications and providing supporting technical information, such as CAD details and datasheets.

Green Roof Recommendation

Because we do not specialise in just one particular type of green roof, we are uniquely equipped to advise our clients on the most appropriate green roof scheme for the project’s requirements.

Whether seeking to fulfil a biodiversity action plan requirement, maximise BREEAM ratings, provide an aesthetic roof covering or overcome a project constraint (e.g. structural or budgetary limitations), Blackdown can devise the optimum sustainable green roof design.

blackdoen green roof kew bridge london

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