Blackdown Green Roof systems are installed by our own in‐house Contracts Division or by Partner Contractors who have been trained to ensure quality green roof installations.

With a unique capacity to control the design, supply and installation of the green roof, Blackdown represents a single-source green roof solution that delivers a high quality green roof on time and to budget.

The earliest possible involvement of Blackdown's Contracts Teams maximises the time- and cost-efficiencies afforded by the Blackdown installation service.

Below is an introductory guide to the issues that are central to creating successful green roofs - from structural considerations to plant strategy formulation.

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Plant installation

The choice of vegetation is a function of cost, time and the requirement for instant greening. The plant layer can be installed using the following methods:

Inst Naturemat

Nature Mat®

A high quality carpet of Sedum species is grown to maturity in our fields.

Rolled out directly on to the substrate, NatureMat provides an instant green roof with a minimum of 90% Sedum plant cover.

Inst Plug Planting

Plug planting

Rooted young plants (plugs) provide greater species diversity. With over 50 hardy succulent species and a variety of wildflowers available (subject to growing seasons and times), a range of colours, shapes, heights etc can be achieved.

Can be combined with hydroplanting for a cost-effective, diverse plant cover.

Inst Hydro

Hydroplanting and seeding

Cuttings and seeds are spread on the prepared substrate and mulch is applied to allow cuttings to root and seeds to germinate.

A cost-effective installation method that requires time for green cover to develop.

Substrate installation

The choice of lifting substrate up to the roof level and subsequent dispersion of it across the roof has significant budgetary and scheduling implications.

Blackdown assesses each project's specific conditions (i.e. roof area, slope, structure, access, plant equipment availability etc) to determine the most time- and cost-efficient installation method, selecting from:

Inst Bags


1.25 m3 bulk bags (approx. 1.4 tonnes each) can be delivered to site and lifted to different roof areas for dispersal.

25 litre sacks are also available for smaller roof areas.

Inst Bulk


Delivery via silos, for immediate pumping onto the roof, or via tipper loads for pumping at a later stage affords excellent time and cost efficiencies, particularly on larger scale roofs.

Silo tankers typically contain 30 m3 of substrate and deliveries must therefore be carefully scheduled.