Lightweight Modular System from Blackdown is the only modular green roof system in the UK that uses Soil Elevator™ and Moisture Portal™ technology to unite the entire soil continuum. This allows sharing of water, nutrients and beneficial organisms across the roofscape.

Lightweight Modular System from Blackdown offers all of the benefits of a modular system, without compromising any of the other green roof benefits that can be realised from a built-up green roof:

  1. An instant green roof is realised with a minimum 90% plant coverage.
  2. The continuous plant surface conceals the tray module upon installation
  3. A longer-life solution, due to absence of exposed tray edges; avoiding photodegradation.
  4. A specially-blended Extensive Substrate fulfils the plants' water, air & nutrient requirements.
  5. The Lightweight Modular System tray facilitates drainage of excess water through the profiled base.
  6. The BlackdownNMS system is quick and intuitive to install, with labels on the module to guide the installer through the process.

Fitting and care instructions are available for download.