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New Pets at Home in Hedge End Sheltered by Blackdown’s NatureMat

New Pets at Home in Hedge End Sheltered by Blackdown’s NatureMat

Blackdown Greenroofs pets at home roof

The newly opened Pets at Home store at Hedge End Retail Park, Southampton, provides a striking feature with its clearly visible barrel vaulted green roof installed by Blackdown.

As well as softening the visual impact of the building, the green roof helped to satisfy stipulations by BREEAM enhancing the ecological aspects lost through the construction process.

The impressive 450sqm metre Kalzip, barrel vaulted, standing seam roof was covered with Blackdown Nature Mat – a vegetated mat made up of 6 core and 13 randomly sown sedum species – over a system comprising 50mm settled depth of specially formulated growing medium and a 25mm deep drainage layer.

Because the roof has a maximum pitch of 23 degrees, customised thrust retention battens were installed to the seam clips at intervals across the roof in order to stabilise the system.

Further enhancing the biodiversity within the development, a small 10sqm Blackdown extensive wildflower green roof system was installed on a bike storage facility close to the main building. As the installation was carried out late spring/early summer, Blackdown provided a tailored temporary irrigation system to ensure the establishment of the plants into the system.

Blackdown was in contract with T A Colbourne Projects Ltd and commenting on the collaboration Contracts Manager Tim Bench said: “Blackdown submitted a competitive and compliant bid on which we were happy to place an order. The installation went according to a tight programme with Blackdown working very well with our roof installation team and completing the works in good time enabling us to strike the scaffolding and start on the wall cladding. The temporary irrigation worked very well during what was an extended, very warm and dry period. We would be very pleased to work with Blackdown again”.


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