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Plant Installation

Plant Installation

Blackdown Greenroofs Sedum Acre

The choice of vegetation is a function of cost, time and the requirement for instant greening. The plant layer can be installed using the following methods:


A high quality carpet of sedum species is grown to maturity in our fields.

Rolled out directly on to the substrate, NatureMat provides an instant green roof with a minimum of 90% sedum plant cover.

Plug planting:

Rooted young plants (plugs) provide greater species diversity. With over 50 hardy succulent species and a variety of wildflowers available (subject to growing seasons and times), a range of colours, shapes, heights etc can be achieved.

Can be combined with hydro-planting for a cost-effective, diverse plant cover.

Hydro-planting and seeding:

Cuttings and seeds are spread on the prepared substrate and mulch is applied to allow cuttings to root and seeds to germinate.

A cost-effective installation method that requires time for green cover to develop.

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