Plants and Systems

Blackdown was purposely established to grow, supply and install plants for green roofs. The experience and expertise accrued since 1999 has been essential in identifying suitable species for green roof plants and the best systems for long‐term flourishing green roofs.

Green Roof Systems

The true value of our expertise is in the integration of plants into green roof systems that deliver desired objectives whilst accounting for restrictive factors imposed by the building's design or location.

Our systems essentially have two components: the aesthetic and the functional. The former refers to the nature of any requisite visual appeal; the latter to the important functional aspects of the planting (e.g. improved building performance, reduced environmental impact or habitat creation).

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Why Blackdown?

Because of our expertise, and the fact that we do not specialise in just one particular type of green roof, Blackdown is uniquely equipped to advise our clients on the most appropriate green roof scheme for the project's requirements.

A client consultation process establishes the green roof requirements and identifies any structural limitations, prevailing environmental conditions and installation restrictions (i.e. timescales, building geometry etc).

Blackdown devises the roof greening scheme, selecting the appropriate drainage, substrate and plant options from an unparalleled diversity of Blackdown plant / component combinations.

Extensive Systems

A standard range of four lightweight, low maintenance Sedum roof systems that deliver ecological benefits.

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Extensively Designed

Biodiverse Systems

Biodiverse roofs require careful planning at the outset to ensure that the installation delivers its objectives.

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Intensive Systems

Intensive green roofs can provide a host of amenity and recreational benefits by making the most of the building's footprint.

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Green Roof Plants

Through extensive research into green roof plants' different needs, we have developed a core range of plant species (over 50 Sedum species, perennials, wild flowers, grasses etc) suited to green roof installations.

Contract grown at our nurseries in Somerset, Blackdown offers high quality plants, available for purchase in various stages of growth.



Quality Sedum carpet with minimum 90% coverage, randomly sown and grown in our fields for instant green roofing.

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Plug Plants

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A range of over 50 species is available, with common green roof species available ex-nursery.

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If you have a green roof requirement that does not fall into any of the above categories, please contact us. Blackdown's horticultural expertise and green roof experience extends beyond the presented product offer!