Extensive Systems

Extensive green roofs include drought tolerant plant species such as succulents, grasses, herbaceous perennials, wildflowers, alpines and bulbs, grown in a shallow layer of lightweight growing media.

Applicable to both new build and retrofitting and designed to replicate the benefits derived from open green spaces, extensive living roofs are virtually self-sustaining; requiring minimal maintenance (typically once or twice a year) and, in the vast majority of projects, no irrigation.

Blackdown tailors roofs to the particular needs of each project, however 'typical' examples are introduced below:

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NatureMat® - for Instant Greening

NatureMat® is a composite vegetated mat consisting of a biodegradable base layer, a specially formulated substrate layer and a 90% mature plant cover comprising 6-8 species (predominantly Sedums) randomly sown and grown to maturity in our fields in Somerset. Laid onto a Blackdown growing medium and drainage layer, NatureMat® is particularly suited to pitched or curved roofs.

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Plug Planted System - for Species Diversity

A diverse selection of hardy succulent plug plants, supported by a minimum of 70mm of Blackdown's extensive growing medium and 25 mm drainage layer, provide an attractive plant cover with a range of colours, shapes, heights and flowering times and periods. With over 50 available species, specific colour-related themes, maximum winter aesthetics, varied flowering period, custom design etc can be achieved. A variety of wild flowers, herbs, grasses, alpines and bulbs can equally be incorporated; varying the substrate depth to suit (70 -150mm)

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Note: To increase biodiversity potential, choose to include wildflower species (up to 30 species available) in our Nectar Stream roof build-up.

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Hydroplanted System - for Cost Savings

A mix of Sedum cuttings, seeds, tacifier and fertiliser are applied, through hydroplanting, onto the prepared Blackdown growing medium and drainage layer. The plant cover will germinate and grow (typically over 1 to 2 growing seasons) to deliver the long-term benefits of a green roof. Particularly suited to restricted budgets and large roof areas.

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LiveRoof LITE by Blackdown

A Modular Green Roof solution that is quick and simple to install, provides instant green coverage to a roof - without the interruption of the tray lips that are visible in most modular systems - and is suited to roofs that have limited structural capacity. As with all Blackdown solutions, the LiveRoof LITE system is developed to provide the requisite air, water and nutrients to the hardy Sedum plant layer.

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