Intensive Systems

An intensive roof - akin to a traditional 'roof garden' - often replicates the features and benefits of a domestic garden or city park; providing space for recreation and amenity. Applications can range from providing outdoor roof space at restaurants and office blocks to creating ground-level landscaping above subterranean car parks at shopping centre or residential developments.

Blackdown Roof Garden planting schemes can include a near-limitless diversity of plant types, with trees, shrubs, and herbaceous perennials often combined with areas of lawn, paving and even water features.

Intensive _systems

Blackdown's range of intensive substrates and specialist drainage layers provide the requisite air, water and nutrient balance to the planting, with the specification tailored to each individual project's requirements.

Given the nature of the planting, intensive roofs must be regularly maintained and often require a permanent irrigation system.

Blackdown not only design, grow and install intensive green roofs, but can also tailor maintenance contracts to suit the plants' requirements, budget and intended use of the roof area. For further guidance with your project's specific requirements, please contact us.