NatureMat® Plants

NatureMat®, developed exclusively by Blackdown, is a high quality pre-cultivated Sedum carpet consisting of a biodegradable base layer, a specially formulated substrate layer and a plant layer of selected Sedum species that are randomly sown and grown to maturity in our fields in Somerset, achieving a minimum 90% plant cover.


  • Green Roofs - laid onto a minimum 50 mm depth of substrate, NatureMat® is particularly suited to the planting layer on sloped roofs and/or to achieve an 'instant' greening effect.
  • Ground Cover - providing vegetative cover on areas that are either difficult to plant or to maintain (e.g. embankments, roundabouts, tramway beds).


  • Once established, NatureMat® requires minimal maintenance and no watering. NOTE: If installing during summer months, irrigation is required until plants are established (typically 6-8 weeks).
  • NatureMat® stabilises the substrate layer without the need for mulching.
  • Quick and easy to install, providing an instant green covering.
  • NatureMat® prefers light, well drained sites but will tolerate most conditions except waterlogged or densely shaded areas.


  • NatureMat® is supplied as standard in 1 x 1.5 metre rolls, available on a 5 day typical lead time.
  • NatureMat® can also be grown to the client's particular requirements (Note: lead times apply - subject to plant species, time of year and quantity required).

For further information on NatureMat® prices and availability, please contact us.