Download CAD files and PDFs for various roofing systems.

Resource namePDFCAD
Datasheet - Bio-diverse Substrate BD1
Datasheet - Bio-diverse Substrate BD2
Datasheet - Crushed Brick Infill
Datasheet - Extensive substrate
Datasheet - Intensive Substrate
Datasheet - Lightweight Infill Crushed Brick Blend
Datasheet - Semi Intensive Substrate
Datasheet - Crushed Limestone Infill
Drainage Outlet Detail
Fire Break Detail
Gable Wall Abutment Detail
Eaves Gutter Detail
Pipe Penetration Detail
Rooflight Abutment Detail
Fall Arrest Detail
Parapet Wall Abutment Detail
Overhanging Gable Detail
Standing Seam Eaves Detail
Standing Seam Gable Detail
Standing Seam Ridge Detail
Green Roof Code of Best Practice
A Guide to Designing-in Safe Access and Maintenance for Green Roofs
Blackdown Green Roof Brochure (Interactive Version)
Terms and Conditions of Sale