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Substrate Installation

Substrate Installation

Blackdown Greenroofs Herbaceous Perennial

The choice of lifting substrate up to the roof level and subsequent dispersion of it across the roof has significant budgetary and scheduling implications.

Blackdown assesses each project’s specific conditions (i.e. roof area, slope, structure, access, plant equipment availability etc) to determine the most time- and cost-efficient installation method, selecting from:


1.25 m3 bulk bags (approx. 1.4 tonnes each) can be delivered to site and lifted to different roof areas for dispersal.

25 litre sacks are also available for smaller roof areas.


Delivery via silos, for immediate pumping onto the roof, or via tipper loads for pumping at a later stage affords excellent time and cost efficiencies, particularly on larger scale roofs.

Silo tankers typically contain 30 m3 of substrate and deliveries must therefore be carefully scheduled.

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