Maintenance planning is essential to achieving a healthy plant community and a green roof that delivers its long-term objectives. With an increasing tendency for buildings to be procured on a life cycle basis, Blackdown offers a single source, whole-life green roof solution: designed, grown, installed and maintained by Blackdown.

Blackdown devises planned and preventative programmes of maintenance (PPPM) specifically for the green roof configuration, location, climate etc at each specific project. Variable term contracts are available, ranging from short-term agreements (typically 2 years) to long-term contracts (e.g. 10 years).

Programmes typically include:

Removal of undesirable plant material

Colonisation by native species can promote biodiversity, however Blackdown identifies any undesirable species and removes by hand or a point application of a herbicide.

Pest and disease control

Sedum planting is generally pest‐ and disease‐free, however environmentally friendly means are available for pest and disease control where appropriate.


Nutrients and soil conditioners

The correct nutrient balance in the growing medium is important. The requirement for additional nutrients is assessed accounting for season, location and the type and condition of the plant material and growing medium.

Over time, acidification of the growing medium can occur, particularly in built-up areas where rainfall can be acidic. Acidified low nutrient growing mediums can encourage the establishment of moss. Whilst low levels aid biodiversity, if moss becomes too well-established, this can be at the expense of the plant layer. Blackdown checks substrate pH and nutrient levels, amending accordingly.

Outlet Inspection

Routine inspection of outlets for blockages and removing debris where appropriate.

Removal of flower & leaf litter

Dead flowers eventually disintegrate, but heads can be removed by careful strimming, such that they are broken up and returned to the growing medium. Leaves falling from adjacent trees can also be removed with a blowing machine, if applicable.

Pruning and Small-scale Remedial Action

Cutting back of plant material to encourage future growth, yet control unwanted species invasion.

For further guidance on issues to consider when planning green roof maintenance, please call 01460 234582