Blackdown Green Roof systems are competitively tendered and installed to the highest quality – whether by our in‐house Contracts Division or by our Partner Contractors, who have been trained by Blackdown in the design, logistics and installation of green roofs.

The Blackdown supply package includes all of the components necessary for a high quality green roof system, and is backed by interim (subject to size) and final inspections by our in-house green roof experts.

View examples of typical extensive green roof systems and biodiverse roof schemes.

With our horticultural, roofing and contracting expertise, we appreciate the importance of on-time, in-full deliveries. Our in-house cultivation facilities allow us a greater control of the supply chain, enabling us to deliver on our promises and support our aim to provide self-sustaining green roof systems that benefit the environment in the long term.

Components supplied include:

  • Planting options
  • Substrates
  • Filter sheets
  • Drainage layers
  • Protection & retention systems
  • Moisture retention mats
  • Ballasting
  • Tools & equipment